Holistic & Regenerative Farmed

Healthy Native Bison Meat

No Antibiotic, No Added Hormones, No GMO - EVER

We raise our bison herd in a low stress lifestyle, keeping in mind the quality of life of the animal, the impact our process has on the environment and the impact our actions have on the quality of our meat.

Our animals are fed a strict forage diet without any non-therapeutic antibiotics, no added hormones, and a non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms/Plants). Our animals only consume pasture and meadow grasses and other forages that grow wild in our fields and pastures during the summer months. The only supplements they receive are minerals. During the winter months, bison consume the same pasture grasses as during the summer in hay, supplemented with only minerals. We do purchase Bermuda hay bales that come from Swifton, Arkansas as the only hay that is not produced on site. Outside Bermuda hay constitutes approximately 1/5th of their total hay consumption. They receive no feed supplementation (except minerals) at anytime.

no antibiotics or added hormones no gmo feeds

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