Our Bison Herd

About Our Bison Herd


We maintain a herd of approximately 50 adult breeding North American Plains Bison that have been genetically tested to insure the complete absence of cattle alleles or any other evidence of cattle introgression. Any animals that are found to have mitochiondrial or nuclear DNA evidence of cattle introgression are culled from the herd. Thus, all of our bison are 100% pure bison based on available tests and technologies. We are proud of this accomplishment and offer our pure breeding stock to others wishing to insure the genetic integrity of the North American Bison.

Our animals come from private purchases and bison association shows and sponsored sales in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. In our attempt to assemble a herd of quality bison, many of our heifers and cows are grand champions, reserve grand champions, and best of class from the Kansas and Missouri Bison Associations shows. This insures that out bison meet the highest standards in the industry. In addition to conformity, all new bison entering into our herd are genetically tested to insure the absence of cattle introgression genes. This insures that our bison are genetically pure and 100% bison, protecting the genetic integrity of the bison species.

All of our breeding cows and heifers have genetic similarities, implying a common lineage and heritage, with bison in the National Bison Range, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Wind Cave National Park, Roosevelt, and Yellowstone National Park.

We have 2 bulls in our herd, both selected for their genetic background, conformation, and temperament. One of our bulls is from the 747 bloodline and the other out of the Mr. Big bloodline from Yellowstone.

Our animals are raised holistically taking advantage of the symbiotic relationships between the bison herd and the grasslands that support them while considering the mental and social factors of the individual animals and the entire herd. In addition, our animals are raised under the rigorous conditions of Animal Welfare Approved.

Always on Pasture – Never in Feedlot or Other Confinement
Never Antibiotics – Never Hormones


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