Visit the Ozark Valley Bison Farm

Visit with Us

We welcome visitors at the Ozark Valley Bison Farm to see the majestic North American Plains Bison and learn all about them, their extermination, their recovery, and their designation as the United States National Mammal. Group tours, classrooms, church groups, etc. are also always welcome.

Whether coming just to visit the farm, see the bison, or to purchase bison meat or products, it is strongly advised that you call ahead and make an appointment. Although we are generally on the farm, we may be too busy to assist you or we may be out of cell phone service. We also havea locked gate and no cell phone service at the gate (you will have to drive back up the hill to call us). It is therefore best to call ahead.

If you are interested in spending more than a couple of hours or are passing through town and need a place to spend the night, we are listed on AirBnB for your convenience.

Finding us is easy. Just type in "Ozark Valley Bison Farm" in Google Maps on your mobile phone and it will guide you right to us.

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